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Buy Instagram Profile Visits to your account with guaranteed delivery from Media Marketing Buzz. Orders generally begin delivering in minutes and are backed by a 48-hour guaranteed start time when the Order Rules below are followed. Please remember that account insights may take 24 hours to update after delivery.

  • Ordering this service requires submitting a profile link.
  • Profile link example:
  • Find more essential details about this service below.

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Important details about your purchase.

Buy Instagram Profile Visits fast from Media Marketing Buzz. Delivery for this service usually starts minutes after ordering. In addition, orders of Profile Visits are delivered at a fast pace. Please remember that account insights may take one day to update after delivery. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Prices for this service start at $4 per 1000 package of profile visits. The most extensive package available to order is $35 for 25K.

*If you order 1000 Profile Visits to your account, your visible posts will randomly receive 1000 Impressions from your Profile and 1000 Profile Visits.

While order sizes of this service are up to 25K, we can assist those looking for more impressions and reach per post if you contact us. Continue reading for more details about this service.

You must enter a profile link to buy Instagram Profile Visits.

  • Post link example:
  • To find the link on your app, go to your Instagram post and click on the button with the three dots. Choose “Copy Link” and paste it into the order form. Alternatively, copy the link from your browser’s address bar after opening your post.

Your Instagram Profile Visits order is guaranteed to start in 24 hours.

  • The Guaranteed Delivery Warranty requires following the conditions outlined in the Order Rules.
  • Our team periodically checks orders to ensure they are starting and are still delivering.
  • Contact us if your content needs more impressions and reach than this page offers.
  • You can find other impressions packages in our social media marketing store.

Media Marketing Buzz should function like a high-quality vending machine. We want you to have a five-start experience while using our website and accessing our services, which requires an understanding of the following rules. Thank you for your patronage.

Ultimately, you need to submit the proper link for the service you are ordering, not run multiple orders on the same link at the same time, and your account and content have to be publicly accessible throughout the order process. Continue reading for more details.

  • Orders are automated and cannot be cancelled; therefore you must supply us with the correct link in your order form.

Orders are automatically processed by our system and, thus, they cannot be cancelled once they are purchased. Therefore, be certain of the URL you are providing us with before checking out. An example of the correct link to submit is at the top of this section. Ultimately, each service either needs a post link or profile link (username).

The above paragraph indicates that there are no refunds warrantied when a profile link or username is used instead of a post link (and vice versa) because the order may deliver to the wrong location; in this case, please contact us because orders may end up cancelling and can be reprocessed for you by our team. In addition, there are no refunds when the wrong link is submitted and the order is still processed; for example, if you send likes to another post, we will not refund you.

  • Orders have a guaranteed delivery start time, not completion time.

Our priority is getting your social media marketing packages to start delivering as quickly as possible. Services can be slower to deliver than estimated for a number of reasons. Please note that our delivery guarantee is on an order starting within the prescribed period, which does not necessarily mean it will be completed in the same time-frame. We periodically check on orders to ensure services are being delivered.

  • All orders must be made to a publicly available profile or post.

All accounts and posts must be publicly available for orders to deliver and complete fully. If your account or post becomes private before delivery or in the middle of delivery, your order will not be refunded. Therefore, understand that your order will be marked as complete when you change the availability of your profile or posts before or during delivery unless contacting us prior.

  • Only make one order of a service, per link, at any given time.

Stacking orders on the same link may cause your latest order(s) to be delayed. Therefore, when this happens, there will be no guaranteed delivery start time warranty on your order. Also important is that overlapping orders may increase the probability of the service under-delivering.Ultimately, understand that we cannot guarantee a delivery start time or whether the service will be delivered fully when orders are stacked. You will receive an email after your order completes, indicating when another order can be safely made.

  • Checkout with an accessible email.

We only email you about details surrounding your order.

Media Marketing Buzz offers a flexible range of subscription based packages tailored specifically to suit different goals and budgets.  Please reach out if you are interested in a subscription to this social media marketing service.

  • We offer post based engagement solutions for the services offered on this website.
  • We offer customized daily followers subscriptions for the services on this website.

We made it very simple and straightforward to buy social media marketing services from our store. We need no information beyond an email and social media link to process orders.  In addition, there is no need to register on this website to make a purchase.

Contact us if you would like the option to load an account to make orders from, or if you require another payment gateway. Our other website requires registration and is perfect for bulk users, social media managers, and those needing additional services. Please be advised that we only accept select customers to use our other website.

Contact us by chat or order form to get a quick response from our team. One of our primary goals is for your orders to process without any issues. Nevertheless, we are always around to help!